About us

About AESTHETE Music

Your music is the key! After three years in business, Vienna-based label AESTHETE emerged as one of the rising international indie labels. With full devotion to each and every release, the goal is to put the music in the spotlight – while focusing on the most important aspect of music: the art itself.

Our goal is to be there for the artists individually!  We consult and develop a strategy tailored to the artist. Because in music, there is no single master plan that works for all releases. Therefore our artist-focused promotion strategies include the following essential pieces for success

What do we do for you

Focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. Strategies for TikTok and more
Editorial Pitching
We are pitching to the music culture teams at Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, among others.
Internal send-outs to our DJ and radio contacts to increase your support and visibility within the scene.
An individual and unique set of assets for your promotional use, tailored to your needs (Spotify Canvas, IG material, etc.)
A boutique selection of YouTube channels, together with The District as well as tastemaker blogs like AHOLIC Family, and many more...
We want the best for our artists! We will help you creatively, with toplines or mix and master, and we do provide Artist development, so you can focus on the essential part: your music and your career!